Goals for 2017


The following are my goals for the channel and for things related.

1: I hope to hit 250 subscribers by the end of the year, I know this is incredibly lofty, but I feel it to be doable.
2: I want to have 2,000 views by the end of the year, again lofty but i feel doable.
3: I want to learn how to use the adobe creative suite in order to produce the highest quality material possible.
4: I am working on and will continue to work on improving my ability to record good audio and video.
5: I want to have to make less cuts, I worry some of my recording mishaps leave awkward retakes in my videos, I want to make everything feel as natural as possible.
6: I want to be more motivated, not necessarily for the channel as the only part that I dislike is recording my voice and doing retakes, but in everything else so I can dedicate more time and resources to the channel.
7: I want to increase video variety and have a few ideas in mind
8: I want to use social media more, and use it more effectively, create a subreddit and maintain this blog, also possibly create a website.

Here is to looking forward to a great 2017, I hope to see you all as I grow with the channel, thank you all for your continued support, and as always, enjoy!

The Channel

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