Disney World Vlogs – Animal Kingdom, Avatar Land, Pizzafari, Kilimanjaro – Disney Vlog 5

Description: Hello, I am back officially after a month of insane classes. To start off I have another Disney vlog, followed by one final vlog after this. Next will be a DND episode with a queso episode then me trying to get ahead with the 9 or 10 videos I have ready to edit. I hope to fully get back into the swing of things and look forward to uploading a bunch of great content!

Crystal Palace & Erin McKenna’s Bakery – Update Vlog 3

Topic Of Education: Hello everyone! I am super sorry for the chaos of everything with my schedule. School sadly has to come first. I have a ton of footage to edit and will be getting caught up soon on videos! I hope you guys are as excited for the new videos I have ready as I am, and expect new videos on the usual mondays at 10 am schedule! Thanks for watching as always 🙂

Bakery: https://www.erinmckennasbakery.com/

Disney World Vlogs – Epcot, Garden Grill, World Showcase, Crazy Acrobats, Agent P. – Disney Vlog 4

Hello, today we have a short little review of Garden Grill, and some funny moments that happened on the trip during.our second day in Epcot! I am back home now so expect the regular schedule to be back on track very soon, classes do start tomorrow but I will be doing my best to get ahead on videos. Update vlog tomorrow! Thanks for watching, and as always enjoy!

Disney World Week – Behind the Seeds, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Via Napoli Review – Disney Vlog 3

Description of Restaurant: Via Napoli has some not so favorable reviews, it is an Italian restaurant in the middle of the Italy pavilion, known for its admittedly delicious looking pizza. While there is not a gluten free pizza option the gluten free pasta was exceptionally and surprisingly delicious. I highly recommend eating here even if cross contamination risk is very high.

I have also met some really wonderful youtubers here, shout outs to all of them for not only producing some great and enjoyable content, but for also being really cool people.
Links: The Fishbowl: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3c8lCukEZ1xXLf7LJbN1Lw
FUR: https://www.youtube.com/fur
AntinnyWorld: youtube.com/antinnyworld