Integrated Media 2 Assignments

IMP2 Video Assignment: Tortilla-less Fajitas

My video project for integrated media 2, I used a sony a6000 for the footage and a tascam DR40 for the audio recording. This contains a combination of tripod and hand held shots, and is my attempt at taking you through the steps I used to cook the dish without narration per the assignment’s parameters. Some editing techniques were used in order to attempt to enhance the montage.


IMP2 Audio Assignment: Sounds of the Kitchen

My audio project for integrated media 2, I used a tascam DR40 to record the audio and edited it in audition. There were some issues attempting to get the sound to be loud enough and portions had to be corrected in post. I also attempted to ensure that there was a background track to provide some ambience. This also takes you through the steps used to cook the fajitas shown above.